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Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services recognizes that when children are well-nourished, their ability to learn improves. Mapleton's Nutrition Services program is committed to providing delicious and well-balanced meals for Mapleton's students.

Mapleton Public Schools provides approximately 3,600 nutritious meals every day to students and staff, including a daily breakfast and lunch meal. School meals are beneficial to your child because they help develop sound nutritional habits by exposing students to a variety of foods. We offer many food choices and provide healthy fruits and vegetables daily. A well-nourished student has better attendance, is more attentive and better behaved, and has an increased energy level. All of these elements are tied to academic success.

Menus are designed to provide choices preferred by our students while still meeting their nutritional needs. Students are encouraged to make wise choices and to try different foods. Our department is comprised of caring people, many of them living in the community. Please feel free to call the nutrition services supervisor in your child's school for assistance at any time. Whether you are searching for a particular menu or prices, programs, and services, employment opportunities, or helpful numbers, or you are just checking to see what is new, you should be able to find it right here at your fingertips! 

Nutrition Services in Mapleton

Contact Information

Lindsay Hull
Director, Nutrition Services

Lina Burmann
Department Secretary, Nutrition Services

Pete Monnier
District Chef

Department Email:

Fax: 303.853.1156

591 E. 80th Ave., Denver, CO 80229